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Incredible Advances in the Domain Industry

When it comes to domains many people automatically think of .com as being the standard for all domain types. While this has become the most popular of the domain types, mainly for marketing reasons, there are many others these days such as country specific domains and government domains. The domain industry itself as well as the domain speculation industry has changed a lot over the years thanks to new technology as well as new attitudes towards how domains are bought, sold, and treated in general as a form of commerce online. Lets go over some of the advances and key moments in the history of the domain industry.

The Dot Com Boom

The Dot Com Boom, also known as the Dot-com bubble, was perhaps the most significant and influential moment in the domain industry and represented the highest advance overall in terms of how people perceived domains and their inherent value. The bubble started in 1997 and was spurred on by speculators who saw the value in domain names alone. Domain names consisting of brand names, three letter words/initials, and popular phrases saw a massive increase in value that helped to create the domain industry itself.

The Dot Com Bust

Like all bubbles, the Dot Com Boom came to an end and burst. Instead of destroying the domain industry though it instead helped to normalize it and popular domain registrars became much more prevalent, easier to use, and consumer friendly. For the most part, domains were no longer being bought and sold for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars between savvy business persons, instead they were being sold for very little to individuals looking to start blogs and other personal websites. This helped to spur on the advent of an Internet dominated by user created content instead of huge corporate sites and businesses.

Top Level Domains

domains1With .com being the most well known top level domain you may be surprised to find that other TLDs can hold a significant amount of value as well. The advancement of alternate TLDs such as .org, .net, and .gov have helped to classify domains. This started in 1985 back before the Internet was a public thing for the most part and domains were highly regulated. In some cases an individual or organization had to meet certain requirements to receive a TLD. These days getting a TLD is as easy as purchasing one from a registrar.


As mentioned previously, a registrar is a company that helps people to purchase domain names quickly and easily. Popular registrars like GoDaddy and NameCheap are household names and this advance in domain technology has allowed even children the ability to purchase and use domain names. This level of accessibility has transformed the web and allowed normal, ordinary people to compete on a level playing field with giant corporations when it comes to gaining exposure on line. Many registrars also provide hosting and other services for their customers in order to help them fully use their domain as intend. Once you’ve purchased your domain name, it’s time to build your website. With intelligent website design interface building your website is made easy with this best free website builder, thanks to dynadot


WINKKKWhen building a portfolio of domain names to potentially sell a savvy business person will want to do something with their domains while they wait for a business opportunity to come along. Parking is an advancement in domain technology that allows a domain owner to park their domain by listing ads or links on it. This technique can be used to generate affiliate commissions or to send visitors to another property where they can be marketed too. This advance has helped domain speculators to earn income even when they aren’t actually selling their domains to well paying clients.